2013 Exhibition

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Wimborne Railway Society

held its biennial model railway exhibition

WimRail 2013

on 6–7 April 2013

at Queen Elizabeth’s School, Wimborne

B3082 Wimborne Road, Wimborne

BH21 4DT [map]


Exhibitors included:

Layouts Scale & Gauge Details
Ryan’s Mill 16mm:1ft, 32mm gauge (SM32) Industrial sawmill-owned narrow gauge railway, 1930s.
Süd Harz Eisenbahn 45mm gauge (G scale) Through station layout based on the metre-gauge line in Germany, present day.
Shottesford Mill 7mm:1ft, 32mm gauge (O) Somerset & Dorset station with goods sidings in open countryside, 1950s–60s.
Figges March TMD 7mm:1ft, 32mm gauge (O) BR depot, with DCC control and sound, 1960s–1980s
Springfield 7mm:1ft, 32mm gauge (O) LSWR station with passenger and freight services on a brach from the S&D, 1960s.
Wimborne 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) The society’s model of its home station, depicting the era shortly before closure in 1962.
Ackthorpe 4mm:1ft, 18.2mm gauge (EM) A fictitious passenger station in Yorkshire with colliery exchange sidings, 1955–60.
Ashton Junction 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) BR/WR country station and approach lines.
Bradbury Junction 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) BR/WR busy main line through station with branch and main passenger, goods and loco facilities.
Gorpeton Blymee 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) GWR/BR(WR) branch terminus station with goods yard and adjacent factory sidings providing goods and passenger train movements.
Joys Way 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) British tram layout.
Lulworth Camp 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) Standard gauge railway serving a military camp in Dorset.
Melangoose 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) Cornish china clay line with freight and intermittent passenger traffic, modern era.
New Driver 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) .
Penhros 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) BR/WR branch line in mid-Wales.
Westbridge Wharf 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) .
Classic Hornby-Dublo 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) Original Hornby-Dublo 3-rail track circuits for reminiscence and play.
Tarrant Valley Railway 4mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (OO-9) The Society’s narrow gauge railway in Dorset of the 1920s.
Ditton Railway Company 4mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (OO-9) Narrow gauge railway with through and terminus stations and dockside features, 1930s.
East Quay Chapel Pill 4mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (OO-9) Channel port narrow gauge railway, 1920s.
Broadford 3.5mm:1ft, 16.5mm & 18.82mm gauge (HO & HOb5¼) Standard and broad gauge main lines in Victoria, Australia of the 1990s. As seen in the January 2010, March 2010, and January 2013 issues of Continental Modeller.
Eheim trolley buses 3.5mm:1ft (HO) A European city centre layout with working trolley buses.
RS Tower 3.5mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (HO) A layout depicting a flat crossing of two railroads in the mid-western United States. As seen in the October 2011 Continental Modeller.
Saw Pit Creek 3.5mm:1ft, 10.5mm gauge (HOn3) Colorado 3-foot narrow gauge layout, with sound-equipped locomotives and DCC.
Roestok 3.5mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (HOe) Station, yard and loco depot depicting 2ft gauge terminus in Southern Africa region, timeless.
Brockleigh 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N) BR/WR through station branch line, 1960–64.
Hedges Hill Cuttting 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N) South London main line passenger and freight, modern era..
Trelill 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N) BR (SR) Secondary main line through station, 1948–1960s and perhaps beyond.
Woodlea 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N) Main line scale length trains and station platforms, scenic features, modern image.
Ray Heard Secondhand models in all scales, especially kit-built OO and O locomotives.
Modellers Mate Suppliers of scenic materials, tools, metals, plastics, glues etc.
Penketh Model Rail Centre All the way from Warrington.
John Hayden Local railway artist selling paintings, prints, and greeting cards.
Railroom Electronics For all your railway electronic and electrical needs.
Geoff Gamble Books Specialist in rail transport-related titles.
Colin Caddy Local photographer selling a wide selection of prints from his railway archive.
Replica Railways For all the latest R-T-R products from Hornby, Bachmann, Heljan, etc. Plus accessories, spares, own brand items, etc.
Model Railway Solutions Manufacturer of flat pack baseboards, backscenes and lighting gantries for your model railway.
CSP Models Makers of 4mm:1ft etch brass kits of small tank locomotives
Weston Models .
Platform Models .
Country Park Models .
AAR Models Specialist die-cast vehicles and plastic kit suppliers in N and OO gauges.
Ian Shave Models For a wide variety of second-hand items.
Roger Slade – building etched-brass kits.
Radio controlled tanks in 1:6 scale
Society Stands
Wimborne Railway Society
Blandford Museum Railway Society
Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society
6695 Locomotive Group


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