2015 Exhibition

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Wimborne Railway Society

held its biennial model railway exhibition

WimRail 2015

at Queen Elizabeth’s School, Wimborne

B3082 Blandford Road, Wimborne

BH21 4DT [map]


Exhibitors included:

Layouts Scale & Gauge Details
Horton Road 7mm:1ft, 32mm gauge (O) The Society’s own O sclae layout, set in rural Dorset.
Wimborne 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) The society’s model of its home station, depicting the era shortly before closure in 1962.
Bradbury Junction 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) BR/WR busy main line through station with branch and main passenger, goods and loco facilities.
Camlas 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Goldsworthy 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Halden Lane 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Horfield 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
I Had That 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) A Horby-Dublo 3-rail layout.
Kings End 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Lulworth Castle 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Patterdale North 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Pine Road Shed 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Rax Lane 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Swanwick 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Tidworth 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Tal-y-Llyn 4mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (OO-9)
Beaulieu-les-Mines 3.5mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (HOe)
Redford Junction 3mm:1ft, 12mm gauge (TT3)
Didcot ‘A’ 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
Forleigh 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
Gothan Light Rail 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
Greenfields 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
Hillview 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
Penbooney 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
Trelill 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N) BR (SR) Secondary main line through station, 1948–1960s and perhaps beyond.
Woodlea Moor 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
Ray Heard Secondhand models in all scales, especially kit-built OO and O locomotives.
Geoff Gamble Books Specialist in rail transport-related titles.
Railroom Electronics For all your railway electronic and electrical needs.
Platform Models .
Model Railway Solutions Manufacturer of flat pack baseboards, backscenes and lighting gantries for your model railway.
CSP Models Makers of 4mm:1ft etch brass kits of small tank locomotives
Weston Models .
AAR Models Specialist die-cast vehicles and plastic kit suppliers in N and OO gauges.
Ian Shave Models For a wide variety of second-hand items.
Aspire Gifts and Models .
Country Park Models .
Greenwood Model Railway Products .
John Henderson Secondhand sales.
Maple Tree Crreations .
Mike Phipp Photographs
Roger Slade – building etched-brass kits.
Resistance soldering.
Radio controlled tanks in 1:6 scale.
Society Stands
Wimborne Railway Society
Blandford Railway Group
The ‘Berliner’ Military Train
6695 Locomotive Group
Priest House Museum, Wimborne
Purbeck Mining and Mineral Museum
Peco & Railway Modeller
Wimborne and District Society of Model Engineers


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