2017 Exhibition

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Wimborne Railway Society

will hold its biennial model railway exhibition

WimRail 2017

at Queen Elizabeth’s School, Wimborne

B3082 Blandford Road, Wimborne

BH21 4DT [map]


Admission times  
Saturday 18 March 10.00–17.00
Sunday 19 March 10.00–16.00
Admission fees  
Adults and Seniors £6.00
Under 15s with paying Adult Free

Exhibitors included:

Layouts Scale & Gauge Details
Scratchy Bottom Halt & Cloud Cuckoo Creek large scale, 16.5mm gauge (Gn15) Mike Walshaw’s G scale narrow gauge layout, inspired by the cartoons of Roland Emmet.
Aldermouth 7mm:1ft, 32mm gauge (O)
Shottesford Mill 7mm:1ft, 32mm gauge (O) WRS member Dave Round’s O scale layout, based on Blandford Forum, Dorset.
Calstock’s Halton Quay 7mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (O-16.5)
Wimborne 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) The society’s model of its home station, depicting the era shortly before closure in 1962.
Brankstone 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Condicote 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Croydon Street North 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Forest Green 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
I ’Ad That 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO) A Horby-Dublo 3-rail layout.
Kings End 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Merstone 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Mossbank Yard 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Parkstone Goods 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Rookery Lane 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Rotherbridge Goods 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Shillingsford 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Southurst 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Swanwick 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Tidworth 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
West Clayton 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Westbridge Wharf 4mm:1ft, 16.5mm gauge (OO)
Clyre Valley 4mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (OO-9)
Tarrant Valley Railway 4mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (OO-9) The Society’s own OO-9 layout, here seen with a new extention.
Wisteria Collop 4mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (OO-9)
Hirson Bellvue 4mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (OO-9)
Braunlage Süd Harz 3.5mm:1ft, 12mm gauge (HOm)
Bodmin General 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
By the Sea 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
Clifton Bridge 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
Crickton Tramway 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
Ins & Outs 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
Melton Mowbray (North) 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
Mohawk Valley 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
Woodlea Moor 2mm:1ft, 9mm gauge (N)
Ray Heard Secondhand models in all scales, especially kit-built OO and O locomotives.
Railroom Electronics For all your railway electronic and electrical needs.
Model Railway Solutions Manufacturer of flat pack baseboards, backscenes and lighting gantries for your model railway.
Platform Models
Weston Models
AAR Models Specialist die-cast vehicles and plastic kit suppliers in N and OO gauges.
Ian Shave – Three Counties Models For a wide variety of second-hand items.
Aspire Gifts and Models
Country Park Models
John Henderson Secondhand sales.
ABC Model Railways Secondhad British and Continental model railways
David Smith Books
Entoyment Wargaming
Penduke Models
Publicity and Demonstrations
Radio controlled tanks in 1:6 scale.
Wimborne and District Society of Model Engineers display.
Wimborne and District Society of Model Engineers 5-inch gauge track, giving rides
Computer DCC Control
Model coach and wagon construction, by Andrew Cooper.
Blandford Railway Group
Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust
6695 Locomotive Group
Priest House Museum, Wimborne


For a copy of the show programme click here


Light refreshments will be available throughout the exhibition.

Free heritage bus service from Wimborne Square on Saturday.

Free (but limited) car parking at the school. The Leisure Centre’s car park, situated behind the school, is larger, and only a short walk away.


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