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Gorpeton Blymee

Built by Gordon Edgar and Peter Wilson

The Model

Gorpeton is a first attempt a building a layout, put together by one latent enthusiast and one Johnny-cum-Lately. Begun as a 7ft by 1ft 3in layout, it is currently approximately 17ft by 3ft. In brief, it is over-time, over-budget, over-complex and over-grassed!

There are a few unusual features of this layout. Its irregular shape spring from a desire to have a more organic, flowing model, than that which is normally seen on the exhibition circuit. Unfortunately, it means that every one of the base boards is a different size and shape, and has resulted in the creation of an interesting transportation cradle.

Secondly, there is no backscene. A strong emphasis has been placed on embankments, trees, and half-relief buildings to hide the lack of a sky-board. The down-side is that we keep our 4mm scale roofing contractors busy owing to the fact that it is easy for operators to demolish the chimney stacks on the buildings.

The History

Gorpeton represents a fictitious GWR branch line in the late 1940s to early 1950s period. Originally intended as a through line, it finished up as a somewhat inadequate branch terminus, but with a useful, busy goods yard.

The railway line was given a new lease of life in the early 1930s with the rapid expansion of the Wilgar & Edson Company. Their contracts are now exclusively with the Ministry of Defence. All the work is hush-hush, and so secret that even we (its creators) have no idea what they make. However, good use is made of their factory sidings.

The recently established British Railways Board have plans to re-develop the station, and re-position it on the other side of the factory, where it will be closer to the town centre.


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